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DaVinci Mystery Series

A lot of different puzzles on the most different topics

DaVinci Riddles: Mystery

Gorgeous and exciting game puzzle game for mobile devices. Game is simple: Solve puzzles, find answers - open new achievements. Open the mystery of Da Vinci and interesting facts about him!

DaVinci Riddles: Renaissance

New part of the "DaVinci Mystery" - amazing game with a lot of brain teasers to test ingenuity!Now even more interesting and challenging puzzles challenge you! It will be something to smash his head!

DaVinci Quiz

New part of series! A lot of riddles are divided into several categories with several subcategories. This is all kinds of logic puzzles, riddles associated with Russia, Ukraine, mysteries of history, science and inventions.Fascinating Mode "Quiz" with over 5,000 questions

Pave The Way

Collect the golden tablets, pave the way to the gems, scattered at level, destroy obstacles, or on the contrary, create your own road to the finish! Whole eighty free levels of an addictive gameplay!


Dawnkeeper is a classic 2D action "The Last Survivor" game. Monster hunter Raynor Thorne and his allies is the only one who survived the ruthless battle for his Order of Hyperion. Game concept is pretty simple: defend your position and kill all the monsters!

Game of Squares

Minimalist puzzle game like Sokoban but vice versa. Tap on squares to move them to the right colour circles! Get a high score and challenge you friends!

Piano Circles

Come on and TAP the circles! TAP!TAP!TAP! What score will you get?

Black Hedgehog

The game is simple - just connect the small black circles with the big rotating circle. Seems really easy, right? Oh, forgot to mention, you need to avoid already connected circles. Are you still think the game is simple? Okay, and what about facts that the speed may change, direction may change, positions may change, all may change! Just try it, challenge yourself and your friends!

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